Thank you for your interest. Let’s see what kind of car is right for you.

But seriously, I think you had the idea in your head before you even read this article. What car do you want to rent? So I’ll introduce you to the following cars: We have

  • Motorcycles for rent.
  • Cars for 3 seats.
  • Truck Taxi for 5-10 people

Okay, let’s start with the motorcycle first. We have a Honda brand motorcycle, model ADV160, which is the newest model. Can definitely take you anywhere in Ubon Province. Even if the path is rough or difficult (Am I exaggerating? lol)

ADV 160

The rental price is 600 baht per day. and a deposit of 3000 baht is charged

And we have a new service that we would like to recommend. That is, rent a Truck Taxi with a driver.

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We can take you on a tour in Ubon Ratchathani city and outside the city such as Khong Chiam District. or Na Chaluai District

Prices start at 3,500 baht per day, including gas.

– Full day service (9 hours)
– Accommodates up to 11 customers.
– Airy, open, comfortable, can see the view outside.

You can contact for rent at

Whatsapp : +66954439307  (Text Only)

Line : thesuperpot  (Text Only)

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